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Parts Planning Application (PPA)

Workflow Analytics Application (WAA)

Test Request System

Resource Planning Tool

Lab Test Management System – Active Workspace

Teamcenter to SharePoint (Tc2SP)

Industrial IoT Applications


Beyond our proven capabilities as a Teamcenter implementation services provider, Mercury Digital Services has delivered innovative approaches to solving contemporary business challenges.


Most organizations face the challenge of delivering critical PLM content to the entire enterprise while trying to manage end-user licensing levels and costs. Mercury Digital Services finds innovative ways to manage licensing costs, while delivering the critical information to business functions outside of engineering. For example, our Teamcenter-to-SharePoint digital product allows key data to be mastered in Teamcenter and published to SharePoint for viewing by manufacturing, procurement, quality and other downstream business functions.


We also provide off-premises Teamcenter hosting. Our PLM architects support the flexibility of a scalable IT infrastructure managed by a third-party provider off-premises, while providing the security levels traditionally only available with an on-site infrastructure.

Our patented Parts Planning Application provides a single environment that unites the enterprise’s product data, allowing all cross-functional users to view or contribute planning data.



PPA connects to the company’s preferred product life-cycle management (PLM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) or other third-party systems to support the full life-cycle of the project.


Improves Overall Efficiency


Reduces Wasted Time


Increases Team Collaboration

Discover data-driven

trends with our Workflow

Analytics Application, and

turn your Siemens

Teamcenter data into

actionable insights!

Industrial IoT App



Are you harnessing your die casting data to its full potential?


Die casting is a complex process involving an exponentially increasing amount of data. Industry research shows die casting equipment utilization is at 65% and scrap rate is at ~8% currently.


Mercury Digital Services and Mercury Castings created an innovative approach to storing and analyzing shot profile data on Mercury Casting’s die casting machines. The end solution was a real-time IIoT App that can be accessed by employees via mobile devices on the foundry floor. This application provides both anomaly detection of a time-series profile as well as all the traditional statistics the foundry is used to reviewing.

Test Request System



The TR System is a stand-alone website application that is used to store all tests and related information for manufacturing companies.


Currently Mercury Marine uses it in all parts testing operations to monitor part quality, ensure engineer accountability, and assign tasks with ease.

Teamcenter to SharePoint



Expand PLM-managed content to outreach throughout your organization.

Easy set-up of “Light-weight” repository to host your PDM documents


Enable “Latest Released” documents publishing to a larger user-base

Host PDM documents – Design Standards, Work Instructions, Validation Plans, etc.


Define your own document interfacing rules (E.g. interface Design documents as Specifications)

Migrate/interface documents from Teamcenter to SharePoint with ease


Leverage Microsoft SharePoint search function to index and search documents