MCAD, ECAD, ERP Integration

Providing the capability to push or pull data, into or out of an Enterprise Requirements Planning (ERP) application, or any other information repository, is often critical for a successful implementation. We have experience connecting a numerous data sources with Product Data Management systems using a variety of data extraction or connection methodologies, depending upon the solution requirements.


Our data architects will analyze the data sources and their intended usage to determine an optimized data integration approach. In addition, we will do our best to ‘right-size’ the integration methodology with the project budget and system requirements.

SOA Based Integrations

Mercury Digital Services uses service-oriented architecture (SOA) based integrations that are distributed, separately-maintained and -deployed software components and are enabled by technologies and standards that facilitate components’ communication and cooperation over a network, especially over an IP network.


Our SOA Integrations provide a flexible and responsive IT infrastructure that transforms brittle systems, applications, and data sources into highly flexible and reusable services as well as gives IT better control to bridge the gaps between systems, applications, and data sources with ease.

Mapping & Configurations

We can help create a ‘connectedness’ roadmap after understanding your business drivers, future growth goals, and process needs. A ‘connectedness’ roadmap provides all levels of the organization with a visual understanding of the necessary pieces and the sequence required to build the PLM system to deliver short-term wins while keeping the long-term vision in mind.


Our team also has experience implementing and configuring the integration software for most major CAD packages within a PDM environment.

Data Migration From Legacy Systems

Working with a team that fully understands the lowest-level details of the chosen software and can clearly communicate the technical options to the client business team is often decisive in determining a successful deployment. This is especially true when working on a global project with cultural and language barriers, as well as complex data migration or systems interface challenges.


The Mercury Digital Services team has experienced some of the most complex deployments, both technically and culturally, and understands the importance of getting it right the first time. From large multi-continent projects to a critical system upgrade, Mercury Digital Services has the seasoned team to help deliver the results on time and on budget.

Bulk Load or Batch Processing

Mercury Digital Services offers bulk load or batch processing to increase speed and data throughput when moving data from one app to another.