Experience matters, especially when implementing an enterprise-wide PLM solution. Our team has installed numerous environments, system upgrades, and release patches to support Mercury Marine global PLM and client implementation needs. We have seasoned architects who understand how to install an environment tailored toward the rigors of PLM, while our configuration experts have worked with countless business teams to properly implement their processes. Mercury Digital Services uses a proven and established Systems Deployment Methodology with accompanying templates to enforce consistent and disciplined implementations.


We have experience implementing Product Data Management systems that are integrated with multiple CAD solutions while providing access to design content to cross-functional users with light-weight files to share and interrogate engineering models. In addition, our team has globally implemented large-assembly management and change management solutions.


Successful deployments requires coordinated collaboration with your project team to ensure the processes have been successfully validated by the cross-functional business users and the technical team. With experience gained from numerous deployments, we can help your team avoid common pitfalls that can hamper a PLM implementation.

Solution Architecture

Mercury Digital Services has a team of application developers available to create custom solutions as needed by the client requirements. This team is versed in a variety of programming languages, databases and development platforms to scale a solution best fitted to the organization’s environment. This team has been developing solutions for Mercury Marine, including our patented Parts Planning Application, our Workflow Analytics Application, and more.

Design & Development

Mercury Digital Services configures and services the product development systems for Mercury Marine that support product definition, design, project planning, and team collaboration. Companies make a significant investment in computer-aided design (CAD) content. Any PDM deployment should be CAD-neutral, so design content authored in any design application can be managed. Our team has experience ensuring it is CAD-neutral, manageable, and flexible enough to handle all of your business process needs.

UI, Visualization (View, Markup & Collaboration)

Downstream users of the product design can view lightweight 3D design models (JT files) using a neutral-format viewing software. JT files are beneficial to publications, marketing, procurement, and manufacturing for a variety of business needs.


Our experts can help configure the Product Data Management application to detect any new model or modifications to the existing model and convert them to light-weight format (JT). Our team has implemented this feature in multiple industries to benefit all aspects within our clients’ business.

Version Upgrades, BMIDE

Keeping the PLM system current with the latest system patches, software updates, and business process improvements is important. For system administrators that do not typically work with the back office systems of a CAD or PDM application, implementing required system patches or upgrades can seem daunting, thus neglecting the necessary updates.


Our system configuration experts can ensure you’re not missing any important steps in the process. From installing a sandbox environment to leading a major business process update initiative, our experienced professionals are ready to help.

Security, Audit

Our PLM architects support the flexibility of a scalable IT infrastructure managed by a third-party provider off-premises, while providing the security levels traditionally only available with an on-site infrastructure. We provide security and audit services to enable access control options, secure communications, and more.