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Just Starting Your PLM Journey?

With more than 90 companies benchmarking the PM100 award-winning PLM deployment at Mercury Marine, the team responsible for that implementation is available for hire via Mercury Digital Services to help set your project on the course for success. Draw upon the practical experience of our respected team members who present at conferences, write articles, and contribute to industry Webinars.

Using lessons learned from our own deployment, we have provided fresh PLM solutions for many clients by listening to each stakeholder and understanding their unique circumstances to ensure the solution is right for their user community.

Looking for a PLM implementation partner you can trust? In addition to mentoring customer project champions and technical system administrators, we also provide an educational experience called the Information Exchange that transfers practical knowledge based on our real-world user experiences to help prepare your team for its PLM journey.

Following are some ways Mercury Digital Services can help you:
  • Executive management PLM education and introduction to the 'art of the possible'.
  • PLM visioning and roadmap.
  • Cross-functional business process development facilitation and recommendation.
  • Process-based system configuration and end-user training.
  • Organization-wide change alignment to help ensure a smooth deployment at extended locations.
  • Mentoring for project champions, key users, and technical system administrators.

Before embarking on your PLM journey, contact us directly to reserve time with our team. We are looking forward to listening to your needs and helping take your PLM implementation to the next step.

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