Demand Data Continuity

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Complex Data Need Organizing?

Companies make a significant investment in CAD content. Competitors who make the most of this investment have a distinct advantage in their chosen market because of the leverage received on the downstream data reuse. One affordable way to leverage CAD content is to use JT files from NX as input for animations using Cortona3D or marketing-quality images with advanced visualization tools.

Whether it is an animated die assembly instruction, parts catalog, or work station instruction, Cortona3D authored content is a powerful output of the CAD data that helps businesses eliminate waste from shooting and editing traditional video or manually developing parts catalogs. Marketing-quality technical images are often required to support a product launch or on-going marketing activities.

Mercury Digital Services also understands these CAD reuse strategies and has developed a core competency around Cortona3D and advanced visualization software by developing content for use throughout Mercury Marine. Simply provide JT files from NX and a story board, and our team can develop the animated content. Even complex animations involving hoses and wires, or content from contracted fixture providers can be incorporated into the output to create a more realistic user experience.

For more information about how our team of animators and can help your CAD content reuse strategy be a success, please contact us.

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