Back Office Support

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Aligning around a single-source of truth for critical product and project data is critical to leveraging knowledge and realizing results. Our team has expertise delivering global projects across mixed environments and information silos. To help manage our deployments, we use a proven Systems Deployment Methodology with accompanying templates to enforce consistent and disciplined implementations. In addition, our seasoned environment architects are familiar with performance approaches tailored toward the rigors of PLM installations.

Teamcenter 11.x

Mercury Digital Services has performed many Teamcenter upgrades and installations. As a result, we have experienced the nuances and pitfalls, as well as patches and work-arounds necessary to upgrade from previous Teamcenter versions or standup a fresh Teamcenter deployment. This work includes developing Teamcenter -specific end-user documentation and training materials.

Some benefits of upgrading to 11.x include:

  • Overall performance improvements
  • Improved thin client experience, similar to rich client
  • Multisite change management supported
  • Active Workspace
  • Improvements to requirements management, content management, and much more!

Environment Planning

Successfully matching technology to support business process flows like product development means asking questions such as are designers based solely in one location, or are they spread across global campuses? Will all design contributors be company employees, or will a mix of on-site or off-shore contractors be used? How critical is IP protection? What about team collaboration requirements? Does engineering information have to be integrated with procurement or resource planning systems?

Answers to these questions shape the implementation because they impact system architecture decisions such as bandwidth and multi-site database use, as well as data security, information access, and data integration.

System Assessment

Before starting a PLM project, it is often helpful to understand the existing system to establish a baseline. Our system architects can review existing deployments and provide recommendations based on current and future deployment requirements.

The team can help select database platform, WAN/LAN, and servers for your PLM deployment.

System Admin Mentoring

Our technical system configuration experts provide guidance to help mentor administrators. We can provide established templates for documenting system configurations and admin instructions. System admin mentoring is available for the following:

  • Environment administration for sandbox, test, and production in single and multi-site configurations
  • End-user software deployment including scripting
  • Applications including SharePoint, Teamcenter, and CAD package integrations

Upgrade/Patch Installation

For system administrators that do not typically work with the back office systems of a CAD or PDM application, implementing required system patches or upgrades can seem daunting. Our system configuration experts can perform the work on sandbox, test, and production environments.

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